La Ofrenda

“Who fights for life never dies...”

(“Quien lucha por la vida nunca muere..”)

– Amilcingo (2019)

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The exhibition's objective was:

To extend our solidarity with the community of activist and journalist Samir Flores and the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN) in demand of justice for our dead, disappeared, and imprisoned.

Any person, regardless of residency, legal status, level of education, or citizenship was welcomed to join. Solidarity with the cause was the only requirement.

Contributions were open format:

You could contribute by submitting visual art, writing, music, or any other multidisciplinary method of expression.

We were accepting:

Mural from Bonampak. Lacandon jungle, Chiapas (c. 790)

Visual art:

paintings | crafts | drawings | designs | illustration | 3D | digital art | photographs | doodles | moving-image works | short videos or films under 20 mins | video-performances | experimental art | sculptures | ceramics |animations | GIFS | comics | and more.

Litograph by Mexican artist J. Ruelas (c. 1903)


poetry | prose | a word |

sentences | drama | fiction |

imaginative literature | chronicle |

stories | essays | obituaries |

vignettes | articles | fiction |

calligrams | fables | folk stories | etc.

"El Músico", iconography from Mexico's Lotería Nacional (remastered by us.)


music |

multidisciplinary artistic works |

applied arts |

installations |

street art |

murals | social media content.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

There was no application fee.

All media, including digital and traditional, are encouraged, and all submissions will be given equal consideration.

The producer of the work retains copyright to their entry contribution(s).

Please be mindful of the possibility of exhibiting the work at The Bravos' Foundry physical gallery after covid-19 restrictions are lifted.