“We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this is a revolution.”

― Subcomandante Marcos

Chiapas, Mexico (January 1, 1994)

Illustration above: "Las Antorchas", Leopoldo Méndez (Mexico, Mexico City, 1902-1969), La Estampa Mexicana (Mexico, Mexico City)

Our lucha continues.

"Those who die for life,

cannot be called dead

And from this moment on,

it is forbidden to cry for them."

Alí Primera

What to do?

– Share this campaign, use the hashtag #SamirVive

Stand in solidarity with Samir, speak to others about the censorship and political crimes occurring in Mexico. According to Democracy Now:

"The number of journalists killed in retaliation for their work more than doubled this year, with Mexico being the most dangerous country for journalists in 2020, followed by Afghanistan and the Philippines, according to a new report by the Committee to Protect Journalists, which found at least 30 journalists have been killed around the world this year."

– Participate in the exhibition, contribute to the altar for his life by sharing with him your ofrenda.

– Sign the petition by FrayBa calling for a stop to the paramilitary aggressions by the ORCAO in the Zapatista community of Moisés Gandhi

– Sign the EZLN Declaration for Life

– Donate, if you can afford it, to the upcoming trip from the EZLN, CNI and FPDTA-MPT.

Solidarity Forever

List of organizations and individuals in solidarity with the cause. Please message or email us and we'll gladly add you to our directory.

Y Retiemble

Schools for Chiapas



La Otra Tamaulipas

Citizens Summons

Bravos Foundry

Spread the word – get the conversation going.

We'll be posting infographics and resources to share online, as well reliable testimonials addressing the ongoing conflict.